Current state for creating e-commerce websites


On the market of e-commerce, there are not less than 30 CMS (Content Management System) available.

Directory e-komerco conducted a study on more than 1,600 sites of online sales. This study revealed the top 10 ecommerce CMS in terms of market share that are :

  • PrestaShop (CMS free open source)
  • osCommerce (CMS free open source)
  • Magento (CMS free open source)
  • Oxatis (CMS paid subscription)
  • VirtueMart (Joomla extension free)
  • WiziShop (CMS paid for sale)
  • 42stores (CMS paid subscription)
  • Shop Application (CMS paid subscription)
  • Store Factory (CMS paid subscription)
  • Debbie (CMS free open source)

Part de marché CMS

This is why we will focus our study on the most famous free opensource CMS:


Only three months after its launch in 2005 by 5 students freshly graduated in the Computer science school Epitech, Prestashop becomes the most famous web application Open source. It allows you to create a site in order to sell online, manage its sales, its customers, suppliers… In short, all the tools necessary to manage a site of online sales. Based in Paris and Miami, PrestaShop now has 70 developers, designers, professionals and enthusiasts of e-commerce.

With more than 150 000 online shops, merchants using PrestaShop always profit an advanced technology. PrestaShop 1.5 features over 310 and continues to grow. All features can be installed and uninstalled by a click. PrestaShop is committed to providing the best experience of buying both online merchants and consumers.

Prestashop Product

For traders:

PrestaShop offers a complete CMS designed with various features namely:

The ability to easily manage its catalogue thanks to the simplicity of the Back Office and the clarity and ease of use of its management interface to manage its stocks with updates in one click. E-merchants can take advantage of a clear categorization of products, management of third-party modules, CMS, presentations of products, management functions, the translation of the site… PrestaShop also offers a powerful tool to optimize its website for search engines. The CMS offers the order on a single page, with the ability to customize the fields form to collect precise informations of the customers. The creation of shipping cart, Prestashop order process facilitates the purchase. PrestaShop allows the integration of flexible shipping modules and is fully integrated with the major carriers. With Prestashop, the merchant has the ability to control elements of the logistics such as the cost, weight, shipping restrictions… The tool also offers many modes of payment which merchants can install with a single click. (Payment by credit card, cheque, bank transfer,…)

PrestaShop integrated many marketing and promotional tools : automated tracking by emails, subscriptions to newsletters, frequent flyer program, sponsorship, recently viewed products, coupons…

Through compliance with the PCI and SSL standards especially, PrestaShop provides to merchants to secure shops.

PrestaShop offers guests regular reporting to track and optimize their performance. In fact, any dealers must monitor its sales and interactions of customers to understand what technical efforts it still to be done and what are the opportunities for improvement.

For developers:

PrestaShop has implemented a market place called «Prestashop Addons» offering to the developers the opportunity to sell their modules or templates to millions of merchants.

Prestashop Price

For sellers :

The  CMS is totally free but templates and external modules are subject to charges.

For developers:

Developers receive 70% of the price HT of each sale (both for a template or a module). On average, a product generates € 2000 per year to its contributor.

Prestashop Place

Prestashop tool is available in 9 different languages and it is available 24/24 7/7 from everywhere in the world. Note that 165000 Prestashop shops are actually visibles throughout the world.

Prestashop Promotion

None promotion because it is a free CMS.


Prestashop staff who interacts with the customer are the moderators of the Prestashop FAQ as well as the consultants can be reached via the hotline. For these two categories of employees, the latest Prestashop training is continuous in order to optimise the users satisfaction.

Furthermore, for the the developers, a dedicated team accompanies and advise them as contributors on Addons by answering their questions, giving them ideas of desired modules to develop.


The process that allows Prestashop to offer to its customers a quality service is first of all the fact that they have the ability to find answers to their questions via a FAQ proposed by the company or through the www.prestashop.com website offering a complete user guide if you are a trader or a developer. Prestashop users also have the possibility to contact the Prestashop hotline in the case that they face difficulties in the creation of their website. But these elements are not the only reason for the effectiveness of the service offered by the company. Indeed, many websites templates are continually offered by Prestashop thanks to its very wide community of developers.


The best evidence remains so far the popularity of this tool across the world as well as the satisfaction felt by its users.

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